the margo fontaine mysteries

Welcome to Half Moon Bay

Welcome to Half Moon Bay, South Louisiana 

The Burning Fire of Greed introduces young Margo Fontaine—daughter of legendary Opera singer Nicola Fontaine—who comes to South Louisiana to Half Moon Bay to meet her aging relatives for the very first time. In spite of all the apparent friendliness and cheer, Margo soon discovers that the sleepy, pleasant seaside town is not what it appears to be. Nor is her family. Within the walls of the decaying mansion where she's staying, greed and desire fester around her.



A tale of murder and revenge

The Burning Fire of Greed

The Vanishing Bloodstain

The hunt for a murderer before it kills again

Welcome to Lafayette, Louisiana. The azaleas are blooming, the weather is mild, and murder is plentiful. A loving family congregates in a stately old plantation home to celebrate the 80th birthday of matriarch Carolyn Bingham-Breaux. Soon it becomes obvious that there is an undercurrent of greed and resentment that has brought friends and family together, because Carolyn Bingham-Breaux is a very wealthy woman, and without natural heirs, it's only expected that her estate will be distributed among the loved ones present.

Nothing ever happens in Half Moon Bay, the sleepy, pleasant seaside town where time stands still. That is, until young Margo Fontaine moves in with her aging relatives and discovers that the friendly small town is not what it appears to be. Nor is her family. Within the walls of the decaying mansion where she's staying, greed and desire fester around her.  


Follow Margo Fontaine and her cats in her Murder Mystery Series in the land of swamps, alligators, haunted hotels and plantation homes, where well-kept secrets and the stories of old Southern families will conspire to keep you reading into the night.

The Black Rose Returns

The Golden Gift of Silence

Alligator Hunt

A seaside town with a deadly secret

A séance, and a body buried under the gardenias

A silent and merciless death

Death stalks Palmetto Bay. The violent storm that forced Margo Fontaine to seek shelter in its only hotel has abated. The sun's out again, and the birds are chirping, and Margo is ready to hit the road again. But all's not well in Palmetto Bay. An enormous live oak tree has fallen across the road, cutting off the only way out of town, and Margo is trapped. Soon the inhabitants begin dying one after the other. There's a vicious killer among them, and the small town is helpless. Unwilling to sit quietly while waiting to be killed, Margo decides to take matters into her own hands, because somebody has to.

The Golden Gift Of Silence finds Margo Fontaine—daughter of legendary Opera singer Nicola Fontaine—settled comfortably into her South Louisiana home of Half Moon Bay with her two cats, Ice and Fenway. Nothing ever happens in the sleepy, pleasant seaside town. So, when an old man is discovered murdered on an empty stretch of beach, Sheriff Sam Stark, Margo Fontaine, and all their friends, team up together to find out what happened to him.

Margo Fontaine, Private Detective, steps into the crowded ballroom and admires the beautiful Half Moon Bay crowd that has been invited to the opening of Vinnie Chauvin’s new Art Gallery. As the champagne flows freely and a violent thunderstorm bears down on the party, the bleeding corpse of the host is discovered out on the balcony, soaking under the pouring rain.

With Sheriff Sam Stark missing, and the murderer on the loose, Margo has no choice but to take matters into her own hands to discover whodunit and why.