the margo fontaine mysteries


The Swimming Pond  

Convalescing after having been shot after her last adventure, Margo Fontaine lounges by her cousin's pond when she opens her eyes and notices a dead body floating among the duckweed.

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Ruby Flint is Dead 

On a cold winter morning, tourists discover the body of the most beautiful girl they had ever seen, hanging from a noose from a tree. There are no footprints on the snow around the tree.

The Hallway of Mirrors

A terrible storm floods the hallways of the Pirate Bay Inn and Hotel, uncovering a terrible secret: the bones of the victims of Sir Francis Drake, sacrified to his lust for magic.

Death of a Rossignol

After many years of wondering how her famous Opera singer mother died, Margo Fontaine unexpectedly comes across a clue that helps her solve her mother's murder.